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Colorado Mountain Intimate Wedding in the Fall

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Ghosts, libraries, mountain men, and a renaissance painting

Mountain Wedding overlooking the river as the bride and groom elope in the fall by the fall leaves and trees
Silveron Colorado Mountain Wedding

Lauren + Jack found us through YouTube. The funny thing? We weren't even posting on Youtube! A couple we had shot in 2020 are YouTubers that Lauren + Jack follow, so they checked out our instagram. They were living in Boston, but conveniently, we were heading out there way in just 2 weeks and Lauren + Jack had recently gotten engaged.

We met up just outside of Salem, Massachusetts and took their engagement photos on the most beautiful boardwalk through the woods. Just a few weeks later, we got a call that they were ready to book their wedding!

Their wedding was in Silverton, CO outside the small mountain town in September. The weather was perfect. Not too warm, not too cold, the sun was out for when we needed it, but left when we didn't.

Lauren told me that morning that she wanted her photos to feel "haunted". Like a ghostly, romantic vibe. I ABSOLUTELY ate that up and ran with it. Please, everyone, please tell me you love ghosts so we can lean into it. This Colorado Mountain Wedding gave everything it needed to give and I am so excited to share it all with you!

Getting Ready:

Lauren got married in the library of the cabin, full head to toe with books, globes, beautiful cushioned chairs, and windows overlooking the river. All the inspiration I needed was in here. We set her dress in the window for photos (which by the way.. she DYED her own dress! That beautiful, colored trim? Lauren did that. A QUEEN.

Then, she drove up the mountain, hiked across the bridge into the woods, and finished zipping up in a crisp, white tent.

Jack + Lauren wanted their first look to be mutual and on the bridge. We brought Jack out first, placed him with his back to where Lauren would be, and had him close his eyes. Then, we had Lauren close her eyes and brought her in, also turning her back to him. They turned at the same time to see each other and it was incredible. EVERYONE needs to do this.

The Colorado Mountain Wedding Ceremony :

Lauren + Jack only invited their closest friends and family to their wedding, keeping it intimate, intentional, relaxed, and emotional. They walked down the aisle together and read their vows out loud while overlooking the winding river and canyon.

I ABSOLUTELY fell on my butt while climbing up high to get a photo and it might have been one of the most embarrassing things I've ever done, but alas, what can you do hahah.

Photos of the Newlyweds:

After the ceremony and celebration, we stole the newlyweds away for their own photos around the property. We explored the woods, soaked up the sun, hiked down to the river, and explored the cabin library.

Something I love about mountain venues is how REAL everything feels. Venues can be tricky sometimes because they can feel a bit too orchestrated at times. It's important to find one that speaks to your soul. You should feel at home in your venue.

The Reception:

The perfect day was finished with a dinner party as the sun was setting over the mountains. With espresso martinis, beautiful crystal glasses, and a live band playing while everyone connected, the love you could feel was absolutely tangible.

Their loved ones gave toasts, told stories, and gave gifts to the couple while wrapped in blankets as the night cooled off.

Lauren + Jack ended the night by surprising their loved ones with a choreographed first dance inspired by the Addams Family and it was INCREDIBLE.

Every second of their wedding day felt so right and real. We love you Lauren + Jack!



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