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Colorado Micro-Wedding Under the Full Moon

Jeremy + Jessica

When Jeremy + Jess inquired with us, we IMMEDIATELY knew everything we created with them was going to be magic. They told us their plan was to invite their closest friends and family to a beautiful forest, have a priestess perform their witchy ceremony, eat the most amazing food you could possibly imagine, and dance under the full moon. Honestly, I couldn't have thought of a better plan.

It was the middle of September and, while we had been dealing with a crazy heatwave all month, it was chilly + foggy all day. Even a little sprinkle of rain! Now, you might think that we'd be dreading that weather and missing the sun, but anytime we get to shoot in the fog, we are THERE! IMMEDIATELY!

When we arrived at Treehaus Colorado, the most amazing venue run by our friends Audrey + Karl in Nederland, CO, we started off with a flat lay, and all the getting ready shots we could imagine. All of their details were absolutely stunning. Handwritten vows, amazing detailed shoes, the sage for their wedding ceremony, bouquets, candles, jewelry, and ribbons. Basically everything we could have asked for in a flat lay.

We followed Jeremy up to the airstream in the forrest for his final getting ready details. He was up there with their little baby while he finished tying his tie, putting on his crazy cool cuff links, and chatting with his mom. Here's the thing about Jeremy, he is easily one of the funniest people we have EVER met. Everything he says is heart felt and hilarious.

We finished getting Jess all done up in her stunning dress under a disco ball before we headed into the sprinkling rain for their first look. The EMOTION. You guys. It was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

After their first look + roaming through the mountains for couples photos, we somehow convinced them to hop in our car and head down the road to a small spot I saw while we were driving up to the venue. It was LITERALLY on the side of the road, but had a view that put Ireland to shame. We hoped out, got our shots, and immediately hoped back in the car to make it to the venue before everything began.

Their ceremony was everything out of their colorful, twilight dreams. Jess walked down the aisle while Jeremy BAWLED. There is never any doubt that these two are absolutely in love with each other. Their ceremony had all the traditions you could ever want. From vows, live music, sage cleansing, jumping over the broom, and a hand fasting ceremony.

We finished up the rest of the night with toasts that brought us to tears, an amazing dinner that we were fan-girling over, hot-toddies, and Twilight playing in the background. Jess realllllllly really wanted to dance under the full moon. They chose their date based on the moon cycle. At the end of the night, the clouds finally parted for J + J to get the photo of their dreams of them dancing and loving under the full moon. The universe knew EXACTLY what they needed to finish their wedding day and gave them exactly that.



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