Morgan was born and raised in Utah while Joel is kiiiiinda from all over. He was born in Georgia and grew up in Florida before moving to Utah. He's got that southern charm (but lost the accent😢)

Growing up, Morgan was always taking pictures of something and even won a few competitions as a child with her camera. Joel was obsessed with making the silliest videos with his friends.

We eloped in April of 2021 in Arches National Park with only our closest friends and family by our sides (and of course, our dogs). We have two incredible pups, Honey + Butters, who we spoil to death.

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While we both LOVE to travel, we love our home time as well. If we're not on a plane or shooting a wedding, you can find us watching a movie, reading a book, looking up each others horoscopes (okay... Morgan looks them up and Joel just puts up with it), and playing some type of game.

We can each eat 20-30 pizza rolls in one sitting and we LIVE off of ice cream. I know, it's bad. 

If we weren't doing this amazing job we love, Joel would probably be in the movie industry (a director or critic) while Morgan would be some type of chef. Joel's goal in life is to make a feature length film and Morgan's is to go to culinary school! What do you have in common with us??

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Morgan and Joel! We are a photography duo/couple/crime fighting team. Our love of photography, capturing important moments, and storytelling is what actually brought us together. We met working at a photography studio where we not only found our love for taking photos, but also for each other ;)

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We believe that important moments in life should be not only captured, but created into a timeless piece of art. Instead of capturing a moment just to capture it, we want to create something with you that is so much more.

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