For the Wildly in Love




While we photograph anything from commercial work to newborns, shooting a couple is our absolute favorite. We are so insanely lucky to be able to spend every day appreciating and representing your love stories. 

Our specialties are candid and real moments (but don't worry, we will still pose you). We want to see your genuine laugh, your real reactions, and the true YOU in your photos. Don't worry, we will definitely get it out of you.




You have never been one who likes to go with the "norm", so why should your photos be any different? We will help you create the greatest story of your love in a unique, adventurous, and exciting way. Your story is different than everyone else's and shouldn't have regular photos to showcase it.

These are YOUR photos. We want to tell your story and show who you are through them. We aren't here to grab the check and call it good. We are artists and storytellers who are here for you and your memories. As much as you invest in us, we will invest right back into you.


So how do

we do this?

Step 1 - Get to know our pricing guide. If you don't see the package that fits your needs, we can customize one!

Step 2 - Head to our contact form and fill it out! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 3 - Let's get to know each other! Whether it's over the phone or a cup of coffee, we want you to meet us to make sure we are the right fit for you!

Step 4 -Book your date! We will send you a contract to sign and a 30% deposit to pay!

Step 5 - We become best friends and make the most amazing memories.

Step 6 - (You've grown old by this point) You show your grandchildren the photos and videos from your favorite day


It's us! AKA Morgan + Joel, AKA the soon-to-be Borciks, AKA your new best friends. We have been doing photo + video for as long as we can remember. I got my first camera when I was 8 (it was a dinky little bright orange point and shoot, but I loved it). 

Joel started doing video in middle school with his friends making crazy (but hilarious) videos and it slowly progressed into becoming his passion.

Joel is OBSESSED with movies and could honestly become a movie critic. I am a travel nerd and dream of moving to Africa... one day... 

A lot of the time, we are polar opposites, but that is what makes us work! You will definitely see it in our photos; two different people who see the world differently make art very different, but it compliments each other perfectly.

Want to know more about us? Visit the 'About Us' page!




trust us, this is the most important investment you are making into your wedding day. venues, cakes, dresses, flowers, and tiny sandwiches are AWESOME... but they don't last forever...

make sure you invest in someone who can capture your real moments.

photos and videos last for generations. your great-great-great-great grandchildren will be meeting you through your wedding video + photographs





Morgan and Joel are AMAZING! If you are looking to truly get two sides to your story. They are the dream team. Not only do they capture every angle, they make you feel comfortable and like you can be yourself. I have three kids under five and OH MY GOSH. I have never seen someone make all three of them smile at the SAME TIME like they did. They have a natural talent with children, and now I have beautiful photos of them all together at this age that we can cherish forever. I would 100% recommend them. You won't regret it!



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