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Logo Morgan and Joel Photography
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You've never liked following the rules, so why should your photos be any different? 
We want to help you tell YOUR passionate, unique, adventure-filled story. Let's start planning your elopement!

Photos + Videos

that immediately bring you back to how you felt on your wedding day

Through capturing audio, drone footage, candids, and beautifully emotive shots. We know how important it is to be able to relive your wedding day and our job is to make sure you can do that.

Our shooting style is a mix between candids and beautifully posed shots to emphasize certain feelings, emotions, and events on your wedding day.

Don't worry, you don't need to be models to have amazing shots. You just need to be in love and we will take care of the rest of it. We have been shooting professionally for 7+ years now and have yet to meet a single person who doesn't photograph beautifully.

Elopement in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Intentionally Crafted Moments

In true artist fashion, we go into this experience with the intention and space to create ART that gives you butterflies in your stomach, but also knowing that the EXPERIENCE is half the fun.

You are not there just for a photoshoot. You're there to have fun, to celebrate your love, and to create a memory. 

One of the highlights of being a wedding photographer is that we get to set that scene for you.

Morgan and Joel. Wedding Photographer and Videographer team who shoot destination elopements and weddings.
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It's us! We're Morgan + Joel, your future wedding photographer and videographer. Come get to know us a bit more...

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Our only goal is to capture you doing YOU. 

Morgan and Joel specialities in wedding & elopement photography are candid and real moments

(but don’t worry, we will still pose you!)

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Want to spend your wedding day in an intimate, private, intentional way? Eloping might be for you. Let us help you plan your day


Celebrate your love in a big celebration with everyone you love! Make it an absolute PARTY! We are excited to capture your memories.


Make your wedding day the perfect mix with just your closest friends and family. We can help you figure out how to narrow this down!


Every wedding and elopement is so incredibly unique. It's important that we capture that in a way that is true to you. Your wedding gallery won't look like every other gallery because your wedding wasn't like every other wedding. 

While capturing your memories, we leave all our inhibitions at the door, get to know YOU and your love story, and then we can begin the real work of capturing your love as it is. We want to feel like we are glimpsing in on your own love story through our lens.

We are capturing your excitement, your years and years of love, your pain, your commitment, every single part of who you are.


Get access to our wedding planning guide! We have worked on compiling this for years and are now giving it to you! All weddings that book with us get full access to our Welcome Guide with details on timelines, engagements, getting ready shots, and more. Our Wedding Guide is 50 pages long and full of all the details to know for your wedding photos!

Imagine having the answers to 99% of the photo questions you have at your fingertips... That's what this is.

This is currently exclusive to our couples only :)

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Get the Guide
Outfit Guide
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Choosing your outfit for photos can be difficult, especially when you haven't had photos taken in a while. A sister to our Wedding Welcome Guide, our What to Wear guide has all our knowledge and advice on how to tie your outfits together.

All our couples who book have access to this guide!

Not booking with us? No worries! You can still buy this guide on our online shop.

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Elopement Photography

We are ready to fucking PARTY with you however you want to celebrate. Weddings, Elopements, Vow Renewals, and showcase of love is what we do best. Let's talk wedding packages. We have a huge variety for all budgets. We never want money to be the reason that you can't have your dream wedding. We offer payment plans to absolutely anyone who needs one!

Colorado Wedding. Colorado Elopement. Colorado Photographer and Videographer. Unity Joint inspiration
Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographer and Videographer team, Morgan and Joel Photo. Intimate

Put a ring on it

Wedding Photos in St George, Utah in the Red Rocks of Snow Canyon. Bride and Groom in the Red Rocks
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Your Wedding Day Matters

How you get married and how you capture those memories matter. We have captured over 100 weddings and elopements over the years on video + photo and we are so ready to write your love story with you.

As lovers who have gotten married, artists who have captured weddings, officiants who have planned weddings, and guests who have been to weddings, we love to capture the complete story of your day.

How you decide to spend your wedding day is VITAL. The setting, the people, the mood, it is all going to be what you remember for the rest of your life. There is no reason to spend this important day in a way that isn't true to you.

We are huge advocates for unique weddings and unique photos + videos to showcase that. There is now "one size fits all" wedding day and we are here to make sure that is known.

Close up of bride and groom in black and white

Destination Weddings + Elopements are our specialty! We have booked all over the world from Italy to Tokyo so we are fully prepared to hop on a plane to wherever you need.

If you have no clue where to start with your Destination Wedding, that is what we are here for! All the tips + tricks, location scouting, and more to make it a breeze.


Real Moments

Authentic Love

Incredible Stories

Weddings + Elopements

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Absolutely amazing people and photographers! They were so wonderful to work with. They took the time to really get to know us and understand what type of photos we were looking for. They were always quick to respond to any questions we had. We did photos and videos and their work is absolutely stunning. Every time I look at our photos I know that we couldn't have made a better choice! They're everything we wanted and more.
Also, I'd highly recommend adding video, it's absolutely worth it!

Thank you two so much for capturing every beautiful moment!

- Jack

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As Seen In...

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Rocky Mountain Bride

Wandering Weddings

Authentic Love Magazine

Unscripted Posing


Utah Brides Magazine

Canvas Rebel

Voyage Utah

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Where will we go?

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Anywhere a plane, train, boat, or helicopter can take us. (Or spaceship if you have the right connections.) We've booked all over the world from Thailand to France to Italy to Tokyo. Our car has seen the U.S in all landscapes and time of the year. We will shoot wherever we can.

If you know you want to go somewhere cool and new, but don't know where to go,

we will help you though it. Traveling for a living for the past 4 years, we've gotten to know the ins and outs of the travel industry and can help with any decision making you might need!

Even here in Utah (where we are based), if you give us 4 hours of driving, a little bit of trust, and a cup of coffee, we can take you to some of the most amazing, under-rated places you have ever been!

The Experience

We want to be as involved as you want us to be. If you need help obtaining permits, if you need someone to officiate your elopement ceremony, if you want help working through your timeline to make sure that you get the most incredible lighting, we are there.

Choosing your videographer + photographer might be one of the most important decisions for your wedding or elopement day. After all, we could be the people you are spending the most time with on your day. Before booking, we always require a FaceTime or phone call to get to know each other better and make sure we vibe.

We are there through rain, shine, snow, hail, anything! We've hiked miles in the snow, walked through waterfalls and rivers, survived a 105 degree heatwave, and hiked past grizzly bears for the shot and there is hardly anything we wouldn't do for you.


High Quality Love with No Limits

There is no maximum on our photo galleries + films. Everything that turns out, that adds to the story, that completes the feeling, you will see. All our work has minimum lengths and numbers, but we don't cap our work just because the photo count is getting high.

All our work is shot on high quality cameras, lenses, and audio equipment to make sure that your wedding memories are captured the best they can be.

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You're in, baby!

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