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Zions National park Elopement in the Rain

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Crystal + JP

Couple elopes and takes photos at the Overlook Hike in Zions National Park during a thunderstorm
Zion National Park Overlook

Something you can never control on your wedding day is the weather. And shockingly, a lot actually rides on that.Two weeks before JP + Crystal were flying out from Texas to meet us in Zions National Park for their Red rock wedding, we double checked the weather only to find out it wouldn't only be raining... it would be DUMPING buckets on us the entire elopement day. We immediately reached ou too them and let them know their options. We are never opposed to shooting in harsh weather (and honestly... we encourage it lol), but we wanted to make sure that they knew exactly what to pack for and if they were really not wanting the rain, we could change locations. Their Zions National Park Elopement was everything they wanted, so we kept to the original plan and stuck through the rain!

They let us know that they were ABSOLUTELY okay with the Rain and if that was what Mother Nature wanted for their wedding day, so be it! We began preparing with rainbows, raincoats, and gathering our waterproof equipment to be able to shoot. Of courses, we also checked the trail updates non-stop because flash flooding is extremely common in Zions and we wanted to make sure we didn't risk anyones lives for a pretty shot.

Finally, the morning of their elopement rolled around... and it was stunning. It was a little cloudy, but nothing dramatic. The weather stayed sunny all through their first look and while we waited for the shuttle to take us deeper into the park. Once we reached their ceremony location, though, it was a COMPLETELY different story. It was absolutely pouring. Everyone stayed huddled in their rain coats and under the million umbrellas we had packed.

JP and Crystal spoke their vows to each other in an intimate ceremony with just their closest family in front of the most amazing waterfall. We were completely surrounded by water. Water symbolizes renewal which is so perfect for their wedding day. The end of one era of their relationship only to let the new, even better one, take its place.

After their ceremony, we hiked to the overlook just the four of us to watch as the light went down and the storm festered over the canyon. I;'ve been to Zions National Park, specifically the Overlook hike, more times than I can count and I have never seen it like this. It truly looked like a whole different world.

Once the light dies, we hiked back, down over (and under) waterfalls to get back to our cars. Of course, we wouldn't be able to finish off an elopement without begging them to get a lil steamy in front of their car. The way the headlights reflected the rain was INSANE. I will now be requiring everyone who has rain during their session to stay until it's dark.

Crystal + JP are two of the most perfect souls and we are so grateful to have been able to be there and be a part of their special day. Thank you for being incredible!!



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