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Your Guide to Eloping in Olympic National Park

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Everything you need to know.. and a little more

Wedding Day on Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park. Intimate wedding on the beach in the PNW Pacific Northwest
Ruby Beach Elopement

Alright, you adventurous lovebirds, listen up! You've decided to say "fuck it" to traditional weddings and embrace the wild beauty of Olympic National Park for your elopement. We LOVE that! As adventure elopement photographers, lovers of the outdoors, and self-proclaimed tree huggers, we've got your back... and we're gonna spill all the juicy details on eloping in Olympic National Park. Strap in, grab a drink, and get ready for an epic adventure!

Choosing the Perfect Season:

Alright, let's talk seasons, babes. Olympic National Park has some amazing views happening all year round. Spring brings those blooming wildflowers and lush greenery that'll make your heart skip a beat. The park is alive with vibrant colors, and the air is filled with the promise of new beginnings. Summer serves up longer days and incredible, warm temperatures, making it perfect for those outdoor adventures and sunset vows. Fall? It's all about the vibrant foliage that'll have you feeling like you're in a goddamn fairytale. Imagine exchanging vows under a canopy of fiery red and golden leaves—it's straight-up magic. In the winter, get ready for a winter wonderland straight out of a postcard. Snow-covered peaks, pine trees, and cozy snuggles by the fire—it's romance on a whole new level. So pick the season that aligns with your vision and sets your souls on fire.

Keep in mind that depending on the time of year, certain areas of the park may be closed! The park is FULLY open (meaning every hike unless it's closed for something random) June - September, so this is typically the safe time.

Certain seasons are also more likely to have rain! If that is an absolute deal breaker for you, make sure you check the weather patterns and shoot for days that are less likely to have the rain. Disclaimer : we are absolute LOVERS of rainy elopement days and it will absolutely bring that level to your elopement photos and film that are unmatched.

Permits and Planning for Eloping in Olympic National Park:

Here's the deal, my friends. To keep it legal and smooth, you gotta get those damn permits. Olympic National Park requires permits for certain locations and activities, like weddings and photography. Now, the permit process may sound like a royal pain in the ass, but fear not, because we've got your back on this one. Joel and I got married in a National Park and have since planned an INSANE amount of National Park Elopements + Weddings. We'll walk you through the permit process, so you can focus on planning the wildest elopement ever. No permit headaches on our watch! We'll help you navigate the red tape and ensure you've got all the necessary permits squared away. Trust us, it'll be worth it.

Typically, a permit to get married in a National Park is going to limit you to specific locations for your ceremony itself. The permit itself is $50-$250 depending on how many people you plan on bringing and this can be filled out online at Olympic National Park's Website.

You will also need a marriage permit! You can also apply for this on line, but will need to get it in person before your wedding day. You will need one officiant and two witnesses, but if you are really wanting to keep your guest count to just you two, you can have your photographer + videographer sign or some random park rangers and hikers in the area!

Choosing the Perfect Location:

Picture this: you, your partner, and a jaw-dropping backdrop that'll make your loved ones weep with envy. Olympic National Park is a treasure trove of epic locations for your elopement. Whether you want to exchange vows on a secluded beach with crashing waves as your witness, in a mystical forest surrounded by towering moss-drenched trees, or against a majestic mountain range that seems to touch the heavens, this park has got you covered. Talk to us, share your dreams, and together we'll find the perfect spot to make your elopement dreams come true. We've explored the park extensively, scouting the most epic locations and hidden gems that will take your breath away. Let's create some magic together. Some of our favorite spots are :

- Hurricane Ridge

- Ruby Beach

- Rialto Beach

- Lake Crescent

- Madison Falls

- Marymere Falls

- Hoh Rainforest

Embracing the Great Outdoors:

You two love the outdoors, right? Of course, you do! So let's make your elopement a wild adventure. Olympic National Park offers so much more than just a stunning backdrop—it's a playground for outdoor enthusiasts like yourselves. Plan a sunrise hike, a sunset picnic, or a post-ceremony dip in the hot springs Get creative, have fun, and immerse yourselves in nature's glory. Oh, and don't worry, we've got the skills and knowledge to capture those epic moments while keeping you safe and comfortable. Adventure awaits!

We're Your Official Wedding Officiants:

Guess what? We're not just kickass elopement photographers, we're also licensed wedding officiants. That means we can lead you through anything you might need for your ceremony and help make things official. We'll work with you to craft a ceremony that reflects your unique love story. Whether you want heartfelt vows, personalized rituals, or a touch of irreverent humor, we're here to make it happen. We'll guide you through the legalities, help you write kickass vows, and create a ceremony that'll have your guests laughing, crying, and feeling all the feels. Say "I fucking do" with us by your side, and we'll make it a moment to remember. Alright, you wild souls, you've now got the lowdown on eloping in Olympic National Park. From choosing the raddest season and location to obtaining those must-get permits, we've got you covered. As your elopement photographer, videographer, and wedding officiants, we'll guide you through the process, capturing every epic moment along the way. So, strap on your hiking boots, embrace the natural beauty of Olympic National Park, and get ready for an elopement that'll blow your minds. Let's make some goddamn magic together! Cheers to love, adventure, and saying "fuck yeah" to creating a wedding day that's uniquely yours.

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