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Why Should I Elope?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Elopements and micro-weddings are much different than the traditional wedding that we have all known and planned for. They are a much more intimate and personalized version.

If you have always dreamed of the big wedding with your bridal party, the fun traditions, the huge party… eloping may not be for you. Which is COMPLETELY okay. Everyone deserves to celebrate their day in the day that truly feels like them.

Eloping allows for you to forego all the traditions that don’t speak to you and to celebrate in the most enjoyable way. Hate the garter toss? (Same) Then don’t do it! Want to trade a reception for an afternoon at the red sox game? DO IT. Want to say your vows under a waterfall? DO IT, DAMMIT! Make your own traditions that aren’t based off of what someone hundreds of years ago thought would be a good idea.

When you elope, you can spend the day with the person/people that are most important to you and who the wedding day is actually about. The idea of spending your wedding day talking to old neighbors, high school friends, and our parents co-workers doesn’t exactly sound like the type of way to celebrate you and your partner(s). Instead, trade that for an intimate meditation session with your closest loved ones OR just you!

Eloping allows you to save the money you would spend on embroidered napkins and a venue that you use for 8 hours for a plane ticket to Scotland and a picnic with your lover. Napkins, banquet dinners, and venues don’t last. Experiences do.

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