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What Makes Elopements Special?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Don’t get me wrong, traditional weddings are incredible! But they aren’t for everyone. Some couples LOVE having the rehearsal dinner, traditional ceremony, and hours of dancing and eating yummy cake. But other couples find fulfillment in waking up to watch the sunrise with your soon-to-be spouse, taking a canoe down the river to a private spot to read your vows to no one but each other, and eat you cake (but this time, you don’t have to share with hundreds of people).

Elopements are so special. They can be relaxed, or adventurous, or intimate, or in public, whatever you want! Our favorite thing about them? YOU choose what makes it special. I can chat your ear off about why we think they are such a vulnerable, authentic, and centered show off your love for one another. I can tell you what I would do. I can gawk about what others have done. Or you can think of your dream date. What would you do? Would you spend it doing crazy adventures or would you use it to relax and live in luxury? You get to decide what makes your elopement day special. There are no traditions without meaning, no parents’ bosses to make small chat with, no embroidered napkins to worry about. It is YOU and you alone.

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