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Utah | In-Studio Couple

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Let me tell you, we were so excited for this session as soon as Ellie and Nate booked it! Studio sessions are so much fun! Being able to have that home-y feel when your home is a little too dark or small is the best. We went to White Space Studios in Bountiful, UT. These two just got married a few months ago, so them being able to take photos without the fancy dresses and nice suit was a nice break for them!

Getting photos done after the wedding craze is over is actually brilliant! Most people will go years after the wedding before updating their photos, but I think we can all agree that the love you feel after marriage is crazy different than love before marriage. Once that fanciness dies down and it's just the two of you left, you get time to reaaaally focus on the two of you, which is exactly what this session is for.

Ellie and Nate told us they met at a party. Ellie had actually showed up with a date, but Nate was so zoned in on him that he didn't realize or honestly care that much. I mean, I guess it ended up working out for the best! (p.s sorry Ellie's original date)

The two of them not only got casual photos, but they brought their cute matching Christmas pajamas! How perfect is that for Christmas Cards?

Did you know that you can wear several outfits in your sessions? All sessions can have outfit changes! I mean, if you are getting photos done, you deserve to have a wide variety. Bring as many outfits as you want!

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