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Utah | Great Salt Lake Engagements

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Utah is honestly one of the most diverse states. Driving ten minutes in any direction and you are in a completely different environment. Something amazing about all Utah beaches (I say that word very lightly because they are NOT the type of beaches you go to to surf at, sun bathe, and basically all the fun stuff) is that you can see the mountain line in the back. Seriously, how amazing is that??

When Courtney and Tanner booked us for their wedding we could not be any happier! They had some visions that they gave to us to work with and develop into an amazing shoot! We love hearing what people want out of their sessions, what stories they want to tell. Creating a session that shows what their love is really like is exactly what your engagements should showcase!

These two are some of the most carefree, easy-to-laugh people we have EVER met! They embodied everything a session should be by just going for it! They decided not to be awkward and not worry about how they were going to look. They just had fun with it! I cannot stress how important that is! When you are on your session, it is a proven fact that the more you act worried during your session, the less you will like how you look in the photos! The most genuine, happy, and authentic photographs are the ones where we just catch you loving each other!

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