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Utah | Field Family Photos

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Morgan and I love exploring and finding new locations! We're attracted to open fields, desert-like qualities, and mountains. About an hour before the session we explored. As we were driving BOOM! We found a conveniently placed location not far away, and with all the qualities we liked! A gift from the gods!!! We immediately looked at each other and agreed that we were photographing this beautiful family at this beautiful location.

We met the Nielsons and they followed us back to the location. We told them we just found it and they agreed that they loved it too! Their excitement made us more excited because there was more probability they would like the pictures as much as us.

The Nielsons were super nice! An ideal family. Kind, cute, and easygoing! Those 3 qualities are definitely super optimal to us and for any photographer!

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