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Save The Date Cards Online

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

On February 20, 2020, Joel and I got... ENGAGED! Say what?? Literally the most exciting thing to happen to two wedding photographers/videographers. We had absolutely no idea how difficult wedding planning was until now. We have SO MUCH respect for all of you amazing couples. You are seriously troopers!

Fortunately, we came across the most amazing business that has helped us through one of the first things you want to do when you've gotten engaged and we want to share with you how incredible it has been. Basic Invite is an incredible company that allows you to design your own save the date cards online!

There are so many options of styles, colors, and text (literally there are over 180 different options JUST for colors) which is one of our favorite parts about Basic Invite. Everything they have is completely customizable down to the tiniest little detail. Basic Invite has over 900 different styles that you can make your own. The wedding invite of

your dreams is yours! You can do whatever you want! For Joel and I, that is our favorite part! I mean, you guys know us. We absolutely hate doing things 'by the book' so every chance we get to do our own thing, we take it! Especially when it comes to our

wedding. Weddings should be all about the couples so we knew we definitely didn't want a cookie cutter invite.

We of course couldn't decide on our wedding invite right away, so luckily they made it super easy for us to order a few samples so we could test them out in person before deciding which one to go with!

Have you ever heard of a save the date magnet? We hadn't until we saw it on their website and OH. MY. GOD. They are insane! Their save the date magnets are cheap, lightweight, and so beautiful! They absolutely blew us away. Joel's parents live in an RV so they don't have tons of space which made this convenient and easy for them to use! We definitely recommend these! Honestly, we were expecting all save the date magnets to be out of this world expensive, but their save the date magnets are cheap and so beautiful!

We also just HAD to try out their save the date post card with NO ENVELOPE. No joke.

What an easy way to save money! Only having to buy the card and postage saves so much time and money. You can even create a personalized message on the back of the card to let your friends and family know where you're registered, where the wedding will take place, etc. Imagine this... you and your fiance are exhausted. You've been wedding planning all day. You can't stop and go to sleep, though. Why? You still have to like 400 envelopes, put stamps on them, and mail them out to all your guests. YIKES! That absolutely stinks! Personally, I would much rather just put a couple stamps on and call it a night! You can for sure sign me up for the save the date post cards with no envelopes! (p.s did we mention they have a super nifty address collection service where they are able to print all the addresses to your guests onto the envelope or postcard itself!)

Basic Invite should be your wedding go-to. Did we mention they have free wedding websites? They are so easy to use and mobile friendly. Basically nobody is looking at wedding websites on their desktops these days, let's be honest. Everyone will be

looking at your wedding website on their phones so you absolutely need your website to be mobile friendly. Basic Invite makes it so simple to do just that! Uploading the beautiful photos we send you are easy and quick to upload to your website. Once again, TOTALLY CUSTOM. Their are 180+ website colors you can choose from as well as being able to choose a website design the matches your online save the date cards. Talk about the aesthetic, am I right? That is what we are here for! You can instantly upload all of the details, images, and insanely convenient maps with directions for your special day!

We are so glad that we were able to order all of these awesome samples so we could test them out, see the quality of paper, and make sure it is exactly how you want it! You can get all the samples you want, too! All you need to do is check them out at

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