We are Morgan and Joel and we are a photography duo/couple/crime fighting team. Our love of photography, capturing important moments, and storytelling is what actually brought us together. We met working at a photography studio where we not only found our love for taking photos, but also for each other ;)


We believe that important moments in life should be captured. Photographs will last forever! They become your memories that will go on for generations. With two experienced photographers you’re assuring yourself those moments won’t be missed. You’re also seeing two different perspectives for the price of one :) 


Watch this video to follow us along a shoot and see exactly what you'll be getting when you book with us!


our team

Morgan + Joel are both fully trained in photography + videography. We seriously love our life! Being able to be a part of everyone's happiest day is the BEST.

We want to get to know you! To be your friend! Our sessions are more like double dates than "work".

Can't wait to chat!


Who are We?

Morgan was born and raised in Utah while Joel is kiiiiinda from all over. He was born in Georgia and grew up in Florida before moving to Utah. He's got that southern charm (but without the accent... I know... I'm devastated he lost it).

Growing up, we've always had cameras in our hands, but for different reasons. Morgan was always taking pictures of something and even won a few competitions as a child with her camera, while Joel was obsessed with making the silliest videos with his friends.

Right now, we are engaged and living in Herriman, UT! Just about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. We have an adorable puppy named Butters we spoil with all the toys, treats, love, and affection. Don't be surprised if we rave about him the whole time we talk to you ;) 

While we both LOVE to travel, we love our home-alone time as well. If we're not on a plane or shooting a wedding, you can find us watching a movie, reading a book together, looking up each others horoscopes (okay... I'll admit that Morgan looks them up and Joel just puts up with it), and playing some type of game.

We like to think we're fit.. but we are DEFINITELY not. We can each eat 20-30 pizza rolls in one sitting and we LIVE off of our candy. I know, it's bad. 

If we weren't doing this amazing job we love, Joel would probably be in the movie industry (a director or critique) while Morgan would be some type of chef. Joel's goal in life is to make a feature length film and Morgan's is to go to culinary school! What do you have in common with us??